2019 Southwest China Hash

In order to sign up for the event, you must complete two steps. The first step is to fill out the registration form. The second step is to pay by scanning the QR code below. Any problems contact on_on@pandahash.com or norakmckenna@yahoo.com.

2019 Southwest China Hash
This is the official registration of the 2019 Southwest China Hash.
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To pay for the early bird price, scan this QR code:

Schedule of Events: *more details to cum*

Thursday April 4th: Pre-Lube Bar Crawl

Friday April 5th: Moonlight Hash and Dinner

Saturday April 6th: Main Event (Walking trail/Running trail/Ballbuster trail), Dinner and Hash Bash

Sunday April 7th: Hangover run followed by lunch


Who’s cumming…

  1. Red in Bed-Chengdu Panda Hash
  2. Hard Working Cock-Chengdu Panda Hash
  3. Rocketman-HZH3
  4. Lostin Powers-Nanjing H3
  5. Constant Disappointment- Sanya H3
  6. 刘逍遥- Chengdu Panda Hash
  7. Master Baker-Xiamen HH3
  8. Purple Pill-HZH3
  9. Just Matt-HZH3
  10. Four Lips-CPH3
  11. Bitches & Moans- T2H3
  12. Noisy Pussy- Shanghai H3
  13. Power Bottom- Shanghai H3
  14. Maca- Sanya H3