Virgin Guide

Doing it right, the first time.

What is the hash?

The Hash House Harriers (abbreviated to HHH, H3, or referred to simply as Hashing) is an international group of non-competitive running, social and drinking clubs. An event organized by a club is known as a Hash or Hash Run, with participants calling themselves Hashers. Hash kennels (clubs) commonly refer to themselves as a “drinking club with a running problem”, but the good thing is that you don’t have to do either: we have a lot of non-runners and non-drinkers who have been with us for years.

The Hash House Harriers started in Kuala Lumpur in December 1938 when stationed British soldiers and expatriates decided to meet to run off the weekend’s excesses. The method of perjury was a modified version of the game of Hares and Hounds (ask your local Pom/Wikipedia for details), which involved a little running and then more drinking. After a break during WWII (during which A. S. Gispert, who is credited with starting the hash, was killed in the battle for Singapore) the number of active kennels has grown to thousands of kennels on all continents.

One of the bastard children of the mother hash is the Chengdu Panda Hash kennel. The CPH3 was founded by Alan ‘Spermwhale’ & Lyra ‘Mashed Potato’ Brooks, Desi ‘Fire Cracker’ & Thomas ‘Sticky Fingers’ Downey on 27th July 1997. Some three hundred plus runs and then more than 1,000 people later, we have successfully hauled our butts all around Sichuan and beyond. Departing from the Renmin South and Tongzilin roads intersection every other Sunday at 2:00, CPH3 travels by party bus to the start of run. See our calendar at the top of the page for our next run.

How do you do a hash run?

First do not let the word “run” intimidate you. Remember we are a drinking club with a running problem and not the other way around. You can run with the FRB (Front Running Bastard) or walk with the DFL (Dead Fucking Last), which ever you are inclined to do.

Before any run the GM (Grand Master) will circle up the group and explain how the run works (for a detailed a explanation view the Hare Guide). Together the group will go over the calls and signs so that all virgins (first time runners) and visiting hashers are familiar with CPH3’s house rules.

Some basic calls and signs

Standard flour blob/arrow. The trail followed during the run will be marked in either flour or colored chalk. The space between markings should not be longer than 100m.

Circle with an X in the middle, aka. “Check point!”. The hare will use intersections to confuse runners and the trail usually splits after one of these. The runners run in different directions to find the next marker.

False Trail or FT. If during a check if you come across a false trail, at the top of your voice yell “False trail!” (and the expletive of your choice when you curse the hare) to notify the other hashers that your sense of judgment should not be trusted. Return to the check point and try again.

“Are you!?”. This should be yelled when you are following a runner/the pack and you want to make sure that the people in front of you are in fact on trail or just running off into the bushes for a pee or a shag (aka. “Sex on the Hash”).

“Checking!”. Yelled after a check point, while you are still trying to find the next marker.

“On one!”. This is yelled when you run past the first marker.

“On two!”. Yell this after running past the secont marker.

“On-on!”. This should be yelled after each and every marker after that, until the next check point.

Then what?

After finishing the run the hash circles up and the GM does a run overview, the RA (Religious Advisor) reviews all the charges from the run and issues down-downs, we sing some songs, we drinks some beer and then head back to Chengdu. More or less anyway…

CPH3 Traditions

We have our circle around our beloved Chairman. For the love of Pete, don’t knock over, caress, touch or spill beer over the Chairman.
We have hash names. We earn hash names. We are proud of our hash names. And yes, (most of) our hash names are dirty. Until you receive your hash name, you will be known as “Just [your name]”. Please address others appropriately, or we’ll make you chug a beer.
We baptise our runners when we name them. This is a sacred ceremony, and not by giving too much away: it would be a wise idea to bring an extra set of clothes when you expect to be named.

What to do/bring/expect

Bring a sense of humor and be ready to enjoy yourself!

Be prepared to run rain or shine. Barring natural disasters (hangovers excluded) the hash always runs!

Bring standard (read old) running clothes and shoes!

Expect to get dirty – trails can take you through all sorts of terrain!

If it is your first run try to run or walk with an experienced hasher!

Bring extra money for the optional t-shirt, cap or dinner after the run!

Until you are given a hash name your should introduce yourself as “Just [your name]”!

If you get lost you have to make your way to the nearest tollbooth and play internet mahjong!

What not to do bring/expect

Do not take yourself too seriously, we certainly don’t. The Hash is a non-competitive event and everyone will have the piss taken out of them at least once and several times if lucky.

Do not touch, hold, caress, knock/kick over, rise triumphantly and sign patriotic songs with or anything else the Chairman!

Do not bring anything that can be classified as cute, such as umbrellas on sunny days, umbrellas on rainy days, umbrellas on other days, purses and man bags, wheel barrows, high heels, anything bowed, floral, bejeweled, bedazzled… – you get the point..

Do not wear new shoes – and we’re not concerned about your potential blisters!

Do not short cut the trail (and get caught), SCB (Short Cutting Bastards) are called out during the circle!

Do not feed the animals!

Do not call other hashers by their non-hash name during the run!!

Want to join us? Meet us at the Hash! Don’t like waiting? Send us an email:
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