CPHx3 #494 Run Review

CPHx3 #494 Run Review – Red Hats and Black Lungs Christmas Run

 2016-12-30 CPH3 ChengduPandaHash

Run Review #494 – Red Hats and Black Lungs Christmas Run


Four hearty hashers showed up on Sunday, December 25th outside of the old Art House on the 2.5 ring road as it crosses the Jinjiang River to run a Xmas Day A to B trail. Red Santa hats were distributed and the air filters masks that were bought were miraculously not needed as Santa had delivered a brief rain the night before which scrubbed the city’s air quality to give AQI readings that were the best in the previous five weeks (or was it ten weeks?).


Two groups set off as Four Lips was the lone walker in one ‘group’ and Pussycat, Just Todd and Just Sabrina made up the running group. They set off heading north along the river, crossing it and meandering through Donghu Park along the river on what turned out to be the best day for city running during the month of December and perhaps the fourth quarter of the year.

两组开始了各自的行程,Four Lips 成了独立大队,而Pussy Cat, Just Todd 和Just Sabrina 组成了跑步组。他们开始朝锦江河的北面行径,跨过并沿锦江来到了东湖公园,天公作美,为城市跑提供了绝佳的条件,这一天应该是12月甚至是本年度最后一个季度空气质量最棒的一天。

Before exiting Donghu Park in the northeast corner of the property, the walkers and runners met up with Short Steep Shaft who provided a refreshment stop that included shots of Makers Mark bourbon which the lone walker and the threesome of runners hesitatingly choked down before resuming the trail.

走出东湖公园之前,大家同Short Steep Shaft 碰了面,他为大家带来了可口的威士忌,要没这口儿,估计大家就中途歇菜啦!

Upon ending the trail at Lazy Pug the four hashers were joined by Short Steep Shaft and Dirty Harry for the ‘circle’ which became a pentagon with SSS conducting the festivities and morphed into a square, a triangle and a line, depending on how many hashers were on the inside of it!

快到终点懒巴哥餐吧时,四位同Short Steep Shaft 和Dirty Harry 一起集了个合,组成了五边形,SSS主持了并根据圈内人数让五边形变成方形、三角形和一条线。神奇啊!

There were many charges handed out during the circle as everyone was consumed with the spirit of giving. Another thing that was also consumed in great quantity was the draft Tiger beer which was sipped, chugged and splashed as every participant was given the opportunity to show off with the drinking pipe.


After the circle was concluded, the drinking slowed to a less feverish pitch and an excellent meal of South Indian cuisine was enjoyed by all at the untraditional Christmas dinner.


See you all at Run #495 – the New Year Resolution Run!


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