CPHx3 #493 Run Preview

CPHx3 #493 Run Preview – Drunken Poet’s Fuck Off Run

Drunken Poet’s Fuck Off Run
Drunken Poet 滚蛋跑
When we have a member of the CPHx3 in good standing and they have been thirsty and loyal participants in our hashes over the years, it is the norm that we give them a farewell run if they find that through circumstances beyond their control they have to move from our wonderful city. However, in the case of Drunken Poet, we just get together and say “Fuck Off”, “See you later”, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!”
成都熊猫捷兔跑步俱乐部有这样一名忠实成员—在过去几年中不仅始终保持对啤酒的饥渴而且不忘参加我们的活动,因此在他将要离开成都这个美丽的城市之际专门为其举行一次跑步活动以示纪念是完全有必要的。然而,对于Drunken Poet 来说,大家就是聚在一起对他说“赶紧滚”、“快点儿回”、“别在出门时让门夹了你的屁股!”诸如此类不着边际的话。
So this week will be our formal adios to Drunken Poet and his faithful (running) partner, NonStop. They began their running careers here just a few short years ago and DP rose to a position of authority as Trail Master, part time Hare Raiser and integral member of the Hasher Naming Committee. In the meantime, NonStop has been kept barefoot and pregnant for most of her time in Chengdu. While DP has been Hare Raising she’s been Hasher Raising and has spawned two future “drinkers with a running problem”, Just JB and Just Michael.
因此本周的跑步活动是为了欢送Drunken Poet 和他忠实的追随者NonStop。他们是几年前开始加入我们这个大家庭,不久Drunken Poet 就有幸成为了我们的Trail Master,临时招募兔子及命名委员会成员。现如今,NonStop 一直保持赤脚和怀孕的状态。Drunken Poet 在集结兔子的同时她却在养育Hashers, 如今她已养育了两位未来的“有跑步问题的酒鬼”— Just JB 和 Just Michael.
So as we say good bye. We realize that the Hash is always morphing as a mis-organized, mis-managed and mis-understood club. Out with the good and in with the bad. Is it too early to figure out who will fill the size 13 shoes of Drunken Poet. Step up, none other than Just Alicia, a virgin just three Hashes ago, she is on Sunday participating in her fourth Hash in a row, this time as a Hare. She shows no signs of slowing down, that is, until we give her a Hash Name that will make her parents disown her.
所以在道再见的同时,我们意识到Hash一直以来都处于组织涣散、管理混乱、搞不清楚状况的、表面光鲜而毫无内在的俱乐部。现在要说有谁可以替代Drunken Poet未免为时过早了点儿。闲话少说,新加入我们的Just Alicia 会在周日再次参加我们的活动,而这次她所扮演的角色是兔子。没有迹象表明她会停下来,估计等她有了Hash名字之后,她便是Hash 的人了。
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Our run this Sunday will be a preview of the upcoming ACNH (All China Nash Hash) to be held in March (see our website at pandahash.com for more information). We will venture by bus out to TiMenZi Reservoir and have the run set by our leaving runner, Drunken Poet and 3-run veteran, Just Alicia, with help from Short Steep Shaft. Expect a more than challenging run in wonderful wintery conditions that test the abilities of all but the most fit slob.
本周日的跑步活动将会是明年3月在成都举行的全国Hash跑步的前奏曲(相关信息请查看我们的网站)。我们会在土门子水库举行这次活动,兔子是三位跑步健将— Drunken Poet, Just Alicia 和Short Steep Shaft. 与其说是在冬日如此艰巨的环境下跑步不如说是治愈懒汉的最好手段
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Come say “fuck off” to Drunken Poet, NonStop and their progeny, Just JD and Just Michael. Come and welcome Just Alicia to our loose confederation of “drinkers with a running problem”. Come to enjoy a day out in the Chengdu countryside with beer and peanuts thrown in. Or come because you know we need the dues. Whatever the reason you come, just COME!
来吧!一起对Drunken Poet、NonStop和他们的崽儿们— Just JD和Just Michael 说“滚蛋”吧!来吧!一起来欢迎 Alicia 加入我们“有跑步问题的酒鬼”俱乐部!来吧!跟我们一起享受郊外的美好时光、爽爽的啤酒和可口的花生吧!或者来就是为了我们需要您的加入。无论什么原因,要来就尽管来吧! Inline image
We will start at 2:00pm from North Tongzilin Road

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