CPHx3 Sunday Social Run Review

CPHx3 Sunday Social Run Review

On Sunday, November 20th, a small group of hashers met at the Lazy Pug and set out for an unofficial ‘social run’ to celebrate the last day of mild weather we’ll likely see for awhile here in the Chengdu basin. With temperatures in the low 20’s C and AQI readings below <100 it was in ideal autumn conditions that they set off for a leisurely city run.

The pack was soon heading eastward towards the river and the runners were kind enough to mark a trail for the following walkers/wankers.

The runners ran a leisurely eight kilometers while the walkers were content with watching the clock and once they made it to the park on the east side of the river, turned back home lest the runners got too large a head start on the beer consumption.

While there were only ten hashers involved in the running portion of the day’s program that number soon doubled as there were others who came along specifically for the south Indian food which was being prepared at Lazy Pug by guest chef Muhammed Eshan.
尽管跑步的只有10个人,但因为印度餐的诱惑,很多人随后都来到了懒巴哥来一尝我们主厨Muhammed Eshan 的手艺。

Drinking beer and soaking in the last of the afternoon sun (really!) before the meal was relaxing and enjoyable for all.

The food and free flow of beer cost 50 rmb and was really quite worth it for the beer alone. However, when the food came out, we were floored as to how good it was and how it truly topped off a great afternoon of exercise, drinking, eating and camaraderie.

Next ‘social run’ is being planned for Sunday, Dec. 4th and we’re negotiating with a guest chef right now.

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