Damansara Hx3 “Away” Hash

Damansara Hx3 “Away” Hash
On Sunday, November 6th, thirty-two Panda Hashers joined fifty-eight hashers from the Damansara Hx3, who were visiting Chengdu for an away Hash.
The trail was set in the beautiful foothills surrounding the Tumenzi Reservoir and was set in the “Malaysian Style”. What that means is that the trail markers were primarily pieces of paper dropped on the ground and a few chalk arrows written on pavement. We say ‘a few chalk arrows’ because for the first four kilometers of the 9.8 kilometer run, the trail preceded up several hills through a “trail” that was bushwhacked earlier in the day through heavy brush by Chai and Kau Kau of Damansara Hx3, and Drunken Poet and Short Steep Shaft of the Panda Hx3.
There wasn’t a place to make a chalk mark for a good chunk of the run and by the time the runners were spit out of the other side of the mountain onto some pavement, they were quite used to looking for paper rather than chalk.
The walking group had a more leisurely stroll on pavement, and farmer’s dirt paths which brought them through orange groves, farming plots, local homes and a bit of road which left them with nary a burr on their socks.
The runners on the other hand took about 90+ minutes to finish the run. Mainly due to several strategically placed false trails and the aforementioned heavy brush that they had to traverse. By the time they returned to the meeting point of this A to A run, many of them looked as though they had been dragged through a thorn bush backwards.
As with any Hash with 90+ people their was a great Circle that followed. Kau Kau, the GM of the Damansara Hash led the Circle and was kind in allotting the Panda Hash an equal opportunity to direct a few ‘down downs’ and put a few people on the ice. In fact, the rear ends of a number of Damansara Hashers also saw the ice just as a number of Panda Hashers also drank liberally of the baijui that the Damansara Hashers brought along.
The Circle went on well into nightfall and by the time it broke up, both clubs had learned a few new songs and customs that were shared during the Circle.
We had great participation from our regular Hashers, returning runners and a few new Virgins. We hope to carry on this momentum into this weekend’s 491st Panda Hash run. Stay tuned for a Run Preview of the run on November 13th. On! On!


  1. Graham Melvin

    Hello. I will be visiting Chengdu from Thurs 24-Sun 27th August. Will Panda hash be running over those dates? I have been running with Petaling H3 in Malaysia over the last year.


    1. panda

      Hi Just Graham,

      I replied to you via email. Please have a look and let us know if can join our next hash on the 27th Aug.

      Hardly Hard – CD Panda HHH – Religious Advisor

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