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March 31 - April 4 > All China Nash Hash 2016, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

March 31 - April 4 >April 29 - May 1 > Malaysian Nash Hash 2016, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
4月29日---5月1日---2016年度马来西亚Hash全国跑,马来西亚Perak, Ipoh

April 29 - May 1 > Phuket Interbike Hash 2016, Phuket, Thailand
4月29日---5月1日---2016年度普吉岛国际自行车Hash, 泰国普吉岛

May 5 - May 17 > The Great Java Train Rumble 2016, Gambir, Jakarta, Indonesia
5月5日---17日 --- 2016年度爪哇火车,印尼雅加达Gambir

May 19 - May 22 > Interhash 2016, Densapar, Bali, Indonesia
5月19日---22日 ---2016年度国际Hash,印尼巴厘岛Densapar



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"If Western men are at the hash,
Chinese women will come"

Texas Blow Ho

"Le hash, c'est bon putain de merde!"

Just Sofiane

"This is the most fun you'll have,
standing up that is."


"The women are hot and
the beers are cold!"

La Duzi













































::NASH HASH:: Want to run a legendary run #500 (!!) and get the NASH HASH in Chengdu? Contact us today for sponsoring, beer and more.. -- ::NASH HASH:: Want to run a legendary run #500 (!!) and get the NASH HASH in Chengdu? Contact us today for sponsoring, beer and more.. --



Chengdu Panda Hash Run #486 preview-Maojiawan

Run type:(A – A )

Hares:Who's Your Dada and Drunken Poet

When: Sunday 28th August. 2016

Hash cash: 50 RMB run

Meeting Point : We will start at 2:00pm from North Tongzilin Road

If you plan on joining us, reserve your spot NOW by RSVP'ing to on_on@pandahash.comor by paying directly by WeChat (50 Rmb) to baifang_cd(and leave your name in the note) or Morticia 13980408112. Bus seats will be reserved in the following order: 1) named Hashers, 2) anyone who's paid, 3) reserved, but not paid 4) walk ups on the day. We need to know if you are joining us so that we can reserve the appropriate size bus(es) - so reserve today!

如果打算参加我们的活动,那就现在发邮件到 预定座位或直接通过微信支付(50元)到baifang_cd(请注明参加Hash和名字)或联系 Morticia 13980408112。我们会按符合以下条件的先后顺序为大家预留座位:1)有Hash名字的;2)提前预付的;3)预留但未提前支付的;4)现场报名的。我们需要提前预定大巴,所以要参加活动的各位,现在就报名吧!

Please be punctual as we do not SYMPATHIZE late comers.

On! On!

Check this out to get your ticket for the 2016 Inter Hash in Bali "BALI INTERHASH" from 19/05/2016 - 22/05/2016!
Click here for run fees or here for registration and RSVP! Registration in 2016 will cost up to 250 USD.



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1) CPHx3 Run Report: #474 - Dao Ming Town


On March 20th the Chengdu Panda Hash found itself heading to Dao Ming Town in Chong Zou County to view the springtime explosion of rapeseed, the familiar yellow flowers which sprout all over Sichuan every Spring. The day started out with 'a bit of drama' as Jumping Jack Flash, the lead Hare apparently was over served at whatever gin mill he was at the night before. He slept through his alarm clock leaving the rest of the Hare's without a clue as exactly where to go. Luckily, we were saved by the fact that Ya-Ya's was also involved and sober enough the morning of the run and possessing enough of the required Haring experience to lead the virgin Hares in setting a trail.
三月20日成都熊猫捷兔跑来到了崇州道明镇旨在一览春色妩媚中绽放的油菜花,每年春天稻田里金灿灿的黄色花朵。搞笑的是领头的兔子 Jumping Jack Flash 头天晚上由于喝得太高,致使睡过了集合时间,直接导致其余的兔子不知如何是好。还好,我们有丫丫(之前设过路 线),在她的带领下路线得以顺利设置。真是有惊无险啊!

The Hashers met at the usual meeting point in Tongzilin and boarded a luxurious x49 seat bus with only a few seats empty, several hashers deciding to make the drive to Chong Zou County on their own. The new system of reserving your spot on the bus went well and we hope to continue to "work the bugs out" to insure we accommodate as many runners as possible while covering the costs of transportation.
大家在桐梓林集合,49座的豪华大巴几乎座无虚席, 有不少人选择自驾到崇州。新的注册措施进行得非常顺利且我们希望将这种措施进行 到底以在保证各位有座位的前提下最大限度节省费用。

The drive out to the starting point was relatively quick given the countryside becomes crowded this time of year as many want to head to the rural areas to enjoy the milder Spring weather and the arrival of the beautiful rapeseed crops. We alighted the bus and there were 58 Hashers to begin the running and walking trails. Upon bladders being relieved and trail marking explained, the two group, walking and running, were "off, like honeymoon pajamas."

The trail was paved at the beginning and quickly turned from road, to bicycle/jogging path with occasional forays into dirt paths and an abundance of check points and false trails. While markings were spare on some parts of the trail, that enabled the quicker runners to separate from the pack and two groups formed, one of which can run and one which was 'run down'.

The trail circled a huge lake during the second half of the run and while there was skepticism to begin with because of the fact that most things Jumping Jack Flash are associated with go wrong, the trail turned out a respectable shade under 10km and the runners were satisfied that Jack had once again associated himself with success while having no part in actually producing any of it. Thank you to "Team Hares" for the efforts that turned what could have been a disaster into a respectably decent run on a beautifully mild day.
路线的第二部分是绕湖跑,但由于 一开始便让大家狐疑,是因为该死的Jumping Jack Flash 带错了路,大家最后完成了近10公里的路程,跑步组对此非常满意,Jack 再次因为没有他的参与获得了掌声。谢谢兔子团队的精诚合作,是你们挽救了此次的Hash.

Thanks also to Slow Time Beer, the official beer of the Chengdu Panda Hash, for providing a 25 liter keg of the amber lager which we all love. It was pouring nicely out of the keg by the time the last Hasher from the walking group straggled into Point B in this A to B trail. There were many Virgins to feat and Returning Runners to chastise in the Circle and things got a bit carried away with the Circle not ending until 6:50pm. We will keep an eye on the clock in future so we can get back to town a bit sooner but no less sober.

This weekend is a Holiday (Qing Ming/Tomb Sweeping) and some of us will be attending the All China Nash Hash in Guangzhou, which is the yearly event where all Hash Kennels in China descend on the hostity, this year Guangzhou, for a weekend of Hashing, drinking and merry making. We will try and bring the "Nash Hash" to Chengdu in 2017, so stay tuned for more announcements.

Next Hash will be Run #475 on April 10th and we plan on a full Hashing calendar in April with the Red Dress Run on April 17th and Run # 477 on April 24 before a break for the May Day holidays. See you on the 10th! On! On!
五月之前的4月Hash 活动满满哦!下次Hash即475次跑将于4月10日举行,且我们会在4月每周都举行Hash 活动。一年一度的红裙跑将于4月17日举行,之后我们将于4月24日回归Hash日常跑步活动。

On On

2) Songs

Can't get enough of the Down-Down song? Want to know the whole story of Yogi Bear and his buddy Bubu? We just got a little hint for more of Yogi and his friends' secrets:

>> Yogi's knob is long and green; cucum, cucumbear..
>> Cindy smells like cheese down there; camen, camenbear..

We've got audio files online! Click songs and scroll for links below our lyrics, then practice and share your beautiful voice with us at our next run.


2)Hash 歌曲

还不知道怎么唱 Hash 歌曲吗?容易!你就点击歌曲查看歌词、听Hash音乐。希望你下次一定会大声地跟我们唱歌!

3)特别 “Hash”


2016年印度尼西亚巴厘岛的国际 “InterHash” 报名时间已经开始了。想参加的话,请点击2016 Inter Hash查看多一些信息。注意:2014年6月30日之前报名有特惠(150美金/人), 2016年报名高多了(250美金/人)。



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These are some pictures of our run #463. For more info please click on "Hash Flash" or see the "reports" page. You got more snapshots to share with us? We're happy to bring them online for you. Do not drop us an email but leave a quick note in our “Hash Chat" box.

上面是我们上次第448跑步活动拍的照片。请点 "Hash Flash" 或 "reports" 理解更多。
你上次也照相了吗?快和我们分享吧!请别用电子邮件,不过用我们的 "Hash Chat" 聊天箱跟我们联系。



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